Ticket Report Improvements

November 9th, 2010

We are pleased to announce that we have deployed a significant update to ticket reports. This is specifically with regards to the way report criteria are specified.

It is now possible to select multiple, similar criteria. For example, one could create a report to filter out both tickets which are closed AND resolved! Of course, this is only one possibility. This update brings a new level of flexibility to the filtering of tickets which many of our customers have requested.

Here is how it works:

Within the "Report Options", one may create "sets" of rules. The sets are joined by ANDs and the rules within the sets are joined by ORs. To create a report which shows open or active tickets which are the most urgent, one might select the criteria as in the picture:

Flexible Ticket Report Criteria

All tickets where status is not closed AND status is not resolved AND priority is highest or priority is high.