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See how Unfuddle has helped some of our customers better manage their software projects.

Here is what they have to say:

"Unfuddle has helped us to become significantly more organized. We’ve been able to lay out everything that needs to get done between now and launch (well, most of it – things will inevitably come up) and break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. This way we can tackle projects step by step as well as determine which need to be our highest priorities. It makes it easier to see what has been finished, what is currently being addressed, and what still needs to get done."

The Team Portals

"Because we don't have to fight with the tool that manages our work we are actually able to do more work and adapt our process and tools as we grow."

Larry Root, Head of Web Dev. — Armor Games

"We like the all in one solution that Unfuddle offers for ticket management and code repository."

Dave Bodnarchuk, President — EventIQ

"Thanks to Unfuddle for being our memory and our repository for lost & accidentally lost code this morning. The nice search was helpful too!"

Colin Calnan, Technology & Development Manager — raisedeyebrow.com

"Every time I get one of your 'Recent Activity' emails about my repositories, I think 'blimey, that looks nice!'"


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