Unfuddle Security Information

Data Security

Naturally, security of ones source code and intellectual property is a major concern. This is doubly true when using third party hosts. Please note that we take the security of each customers's data very seriously. We take industry-standard precautions when securing our infrastructure and applications. For additional information and assurances please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service


Unfuddle utilizes a number of layers of security to ensure the safety of your data. We require all requests for account data to be authenticated and authorized according to user-defined permissions. All passwords are stored in a strongly encrypted format which cannot be decrypted by Unfuddle or anyone else. In addition to this, we only allow access over secure connections using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Secure Shell (SSH) encryption. This protects data as it travels between our servers and a user's computer or device. SSL encryption is the same technology that banks use to secure data such as credit card transactions or other online banking activities.

PCI Compliance

Concerning credit cards, we actively maintain a PCI-compliant system to provide industry standard protection of our customers' billing information. This means that, in addition to never storing sensitive credit card data on our servers, we have a third-party security company perform regular audits of our data security and storage systems.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Unfuddle's systems are hosted on Amazon's AWS cloud infrastructure. This provides us with a very stable, secure, and scalable architecture. This security and scalability allows us to easily meet the needs of our continually growing customer base. For more information about AWS security please see the AWS security website.

Backups & Redundancy

Our databases are configured to automatically failover to redundant backups in the event of problems. We also employ backups of all customer data (both databases and repositories) at regular intervals throughout the day, every day. While it is extremely unlikely that we would experience an issue causing data loss to occur, we want you to know that your data is safe in any event and that we will do what it takes to restore any lost data in a timely manner. We will work to make sure you, our customers, can work!

Additional Information

If you have any concerns or questions which are not addressed above, please feel free to contact us.