• Preventing Lost Form Data

    We have all been hit by it at some point. You spend 30 minutes writing the most perfect ticket, message or comment only to accidentally navigate away from the form. Seriously frustrating.

    We have just launched an update that addresses this workflow issue. If you have entered any data in a form on the page, Unfuddle will now warn you when you attempt to navigate away from the page (either on purpose or accidentally).

    It is a small change, but we trust that it will save everyone a lot of frustration.


  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    We've just deployed an update that will boost your efficiency in Unfuddle so you can get more work done faster. Introducing Unfuddle keyboard shortcuts!

    Throughout Unfuddle it is now possible to create new items, navigate to different projects or tabs within a project, modify a ticket, comment on tickets and messages and more, all without touching your mouse. You can quickly see what is possible by tapping “?” on your keyboard. This will popup the window, shown below.


  • Updates to Project Activity and Messages

    This week we are bringing you some updates to both the Activity page and Messages.

    The Activity page has been completely revamped to function as a daily activity report. This makes it extremely easy to catch up if you were out of the office for a while or if you are looking to see what happened on a project on a specific day. Activity is grouped by object (ticket, message, etc), making it easier to parse, especially if you have a very active project. We expect to add additional filtering and sorting options in the future.


  • A Notifications Notification

    It goes back more than a couple of years. There have been multiple community forum discussions about it. We have had plenty of diverse email feedback about its usefulness. All this talk, yet our email notifications have not changed much in a long time. This is for a good reason: they generally work very well. However, not everyone has been happy with the formatting of our email subject lines. We've attempted to change things up multiple times in the past, always with a lot of push back.


  • Alchemy Update: Multiple Assignees

    Today, we have released an update which allows you to assign an objective to one or more people. You read that right — you can assign an objective to multiple people. This has been a long-standing request of our customers and we are already appreciating its usefulness.


  • Drag-and-Drop Attachments and Better Attachment Management

    To date, attachment management in Unfuddle has been pretty basic. Today we are releasing a few features that hope will make attachment management a whole lot easier for our customers.

    Starting today, you can now attach files to your tickets, messages, notebooks, and comments simply by dragging and dropping them in the appropriate place in your browser.


  • Unfuddle Git Hosting Now Over HTTPS

    Over the years, we have spoken to so many of you who have had issues with Git over SSH. Let’s be honest. Creating and managing key pairs is a hassle, especially on Windows.

    Well, you can say goodbye to those troubles as we have recently enabled Git access over HTTPS. Not only is this available immediately, but it is now the default and preferred way to access Git repositories in your Unfuddle account.


  • Alchemy Update: A Changelog

    We've been having a great time working on Unfuddle Alchemy and our beta users have been giving us some great feedback. We are happy to post some of the updates we have deployed during the past week or two. Here they are in no particular order:


  • Alchemy Update: Drop The Drawers

    While working to improve the existing Unfuddle experience, we have also been hard at work continuing to bring Unfuddle Alchemy closer to public release. This week brings some significant changes outlined below.


  • Adding New Resources and Live Preview

    We are pleased to announce that we have released more updates to Unfuddle this week. Let us show you even if you have already noticed them.

    We have added a new “plus” button to the tab bar at the top-left of the screen. This button will allow you to easily add a message, for example, to any project from any page in your account. Just thought of something you wanted to share with your team in project X? No problem. Click the quick add button and create a message in that project right from where you are on the page. Since tickets are the most commonly created resource, we have included an always available “quick ticket” button next to this. Along with this addition, we have gone ahead and updated the forms for creating new resources.