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Denis Valdemark

Don’t mean to be rude but can’t help noticing the hundreds upon hundreds of questions from the user community in this forum that remain unanswered, as if the Unfuddle team doesn’t care about their product anymore.

No new features have been added for ages now, and feature requests from the users are consistently ignored. Support seems non-existent to me.

The latest blog post is from March 2011 – nearly a YEAR AGO.

So the obvious question is: Is Unfuddle dead / on life support?

I’d like receive a definitive answer from the Unfuddle team before I commit any time and money to this service.

Kind regards,
Denis Valdemark

Jaret Frappier


I appreciate and understand your concern, however I want to assure you that Unfuddle is not dead. We have been hard at work with some major infrastructure changes, however, this is complete, and we are working on some exciting things to come.

Denis Valdemark


While I appreciate your quick reply, I’m afraid vague answers like this don’t inspire much confidence. Can you be more specific? What new features do you have in the pipeline after a year since the last update? Also if that’s indeed the case I find it really strange for a Web 2.0 company in this day and age not to keep their own blog updated to announce upcoming new development etc.

I see many threads with feature requests where the Unfuddle team has stated they are working on a particular feature and yet a year or in some cases even two years later there’s no sign of said feature or any new development for that matter.

I’m charged with the task of selecting a hosted project management and source control service for a relatively large team and while Unfuddle seems to tick all the boxes so far, the apparent complete lack of updates and support is, to put it mildly, a great concern to me. Why should I select Unfuddle versus the other services which seem a lot more active and updated regularly with new features (e.g. 3rd party integrations etc)?


I’m pretty new to Unfuddle, yet I have encouraged three separate teams to use this product because, as Denis said, it “ticks all the boxes so far.” I haven’t been a community member for long enough see patterns, but even in my brief experience something seems stagnant around here. It would be a shame to lose such a useful service, but I’m optimistic and I look forward to the rejuvenation to which Jaret has alluded.

David Croswell


Fundamentally, I believe what we are experiencing is the misinterpretation of silence as death. This is simply not true. Over the past 2 years, while we have remained relatively quiet, Unfuddle has continued to grow in customer base, revenue and team size. As a company, Unfuddle is stronger now than it has ever been.

Regarding the state of the product, I agree with you completely. It “checks all the boxes”. Hundreds of thousands of people who rely on Unfuddle daily agree with you as well. I understand that in the past we may have communicated that we would head in a certain direction. However, sometimes our priorities change and we completely abandon certain goals. For us, this is the definition of being agile. Every day, we wake up and reevaluate the best way forward.

That is not to say that the Unfuddle team has been idle. Our silence with regard to the existing product has largely been due to extensive efforts that we have been pouring into solving some new and interesting problems. We believe that the solutions we are building will help us to better serve our existing customer base as well as reach some people who may have never before considered Unfuddle.

No, this is probably the most exciting season that Unfuddle has ever seen.

That being said, I understand your frustration regarding the lack of communication. Our team here at Unfuddle is really good at lots of things, but proactive external communication (for example, via the blog) has never been one of them. We recognize that we must improve in this area.


I have to agree, i’ve recently been wondering if I should stop using Unfuddle – not because it doesn’t do the right job, not because you’ve not updated it, but because the lack of communication from your team (especially on your blog) has made me wonder if the product is going through some sort of financial problem or if its closing down… Its nice to know its not.

I would love to see some more communication, even if its just minor updates about the company (your blog doesn’t always have to be about development). Try posting something about yourselves… anything so we as a community know you are still around.


David, thank you for the acknowledgement of the “lack of communication” issue. Are there any actual plans to improve in this area? I appreciate Unfuddle’s recognizing that there is an issue, but more importantly, I would like to know what will be done to make that issue better.

I’m in agreement with Jason that we’re at a point where any bit of communication would help. Having said that, some kind of roadmap would certainly be of great help. I get what David is saying about being agile, but it’s a bit scary hearing that reevaluation is happening every day. Reevaluation at what level? Wouldn’t it be possible to communicate definite changes on the feature roadmap while remaining agile in terms of implementation?


I just wanted to chip in and say I agree with the sentiments expressed here. Apart from sometimes feeling a bit “clunky” I really like unfuddle.

We’ve been using a free account and are coming up to the point where we are about to sign up to a paid account or possibly look at an alternative.

Apart from the lack of communication in general my biggest concern is that because of that there appears to be little opportunity for the unfuddle users to influence the direction of unfuddle or at least have a say in it.

You could be being all “agile” and heading off in a future direction that few of us want to see.

Although hopefully not :)


P.S I hate captchas they’re unreadable even for someone with good eyesight and that discourages people from posting.

Jason Alexander

I gotta say, I was just thinking the same thing before I headed to the forums to see activity. I was seriously concerned that perhaps I needed to start finding another solution and moving on, especially with the new Bootcamp release.

I’ve been loyal to you guys for years, bringing you over to many companies that I’ve worked at.

But, this silence is terrible. Communication is part of building and shipping products. If your team has grown, you should make sure you hire one of those as a Marketing person, or Product Manager, that can help you with that.

Either way, this thread helps, but I can’t help but wonder about the other customers you have that are thinking the same thing, and DON’T come to the forums to see this.

Brian Youngblood

I stopped by the forums today because I haven’t heard of any new unfuddle developments. We use unfuddle on several projects, and like others I am concerned about the lack of communication. I see responses to some of the forum posts. Might I suggest you do the same on your blog?

If you’re looking for new business, not updating the blog in a year will certainly not help gain new business.


Joshua Stewardson

As a longtime Enterprise-plan customer, my business relies on Unfuddle. It is interesting to read this thread as I’ve been having similar feelings. Fast feedback on support issues, but I’m concerned for Unfuddle as a whole.

If you need help communicating regularly, email me. I can connect you with people who are great at that – it is well worth it to me as a client to have Unfuddle communicating more and publicly active.


Agreed with everything said here. I am an Enterprise customer and the team are getting very nervous about the lack of communication and response to feature requests.

We are currently looking at other options so please bring the company focus back to your customers and the community. Company 101 :-)

David Croswell

Everyone on this post might like to know that there is now a new blog post: Subversion 1.7 Support.

Jason Alexander

Sadly, I downgraded to the Free account today, and have since moved off to another system for managing our engineering efforts.

Unfortunately, 13 months between blog posts (with the latest update just being about SVN upgrades), and little-to-no communication left me no other choice. Unfuddle has fallen terribly behind other solutions out there, and we’ve outgrown it.

Take care, guys. It’s been fun.


Jaret, Any news on when your “major infrastructure changes” will be released? You mentioned back in Feb that new features will be available soon, its now July! Unfuddle is getting old and I’m beginning to wonder if I should be looking elsewhere. Also, you should think about “modernizing” the amount of disk storage you give for each plan (like doubling them), they are small to today’s standards.

Elmer Fuddle

If you ever need to ask whether something is dead…

Well, I don’t think I need to finish that sentence. :)


Fits funny, I come back here about once a week now to see if something has changed.. every time i’m disappointed. At least tell us what you guys are working on, tell us you’ve had a birthday, anything!

james f

@Jason Alexander – How the heck do you downgrade.? I cant find that.. I can’t work here amongst the dead any longer


Funnily enough, I was thinking the same, go to your mail dashboard ‘YourDomain Dashboard’ then click settings. It’s sad as Unfuddle has been fantastic for us, but we wanted a more ‘flexible’ work-flow and a better way to schedule work (Agile)…


The only complaints here are about a lack of communication. Nothing about missing or broken features, etc. I really don’t understand the “its working well for me, but there haven’t been any blog posts so i am downgrading” angle. If it works, I will continue to use it.


I happily used unfuddle for a few years and thought: Let’s try out another, more lively provider.
After trying it out, I came back because unfuddle simply works while the other provider provides a lot of features (most of which I don’t need) but doesn’t provide SSH connections with public keys. That means that I have to type in my password every time I use git.
So: Practically I very much prefer “It just works for me - nothing new” over fancy features that somewhat don’t work for my particular situation.
To me, unfuddle got the features right and I just hope that they don’t spoil this by making too many changes.