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Bjorn Tipling

It would be great to get mercurial support. I really really hate git, mostly because of how it manages commits. I don’t want to switch away from unfuddle to bitbucket because I’m happy with the issue tracker and the service so I guess I’ll just stick it out with svn until you someday add mercurial support. Is that in the works?



Is this a possibility in the future?
Mercurial is becoming more and more popular.


Joshua Frappier

Sure it’s possible. We have been seeing an increase in the number of people requesting support for Mercurial. As it continues to gain momentum, I could definitely see Unfuddle adding support for it.

Christopher Bennage

I’m adding my vote for Mercurial support. It’s increasingly becoming our scm of choice.


Add me too please. Longtime unfuddle user (started in early 2007). Love the service, but need to move our dev repos to mercurial. We’re actually half way moved off to Good service, and excellent mercurial support; however, I still like the value add that you guys bring to the table with your ticketing and wiki support.

Dario Solera

We would really like to have Mercurial support too.


I’m adding my vote too, Mercurial support would be very welcome. I’ve looked at other sites that supports Mercurial, but they just do not compare to Unfuddle. While we wait for Mercurial (not to long hopefully) I’ll stick it out with Subversion then.


+1 for mercurial support.


+1 for Mercurial Support!!!!


+1 for Mercurial!!!


+1 for mercurial support


+1 for mercurial support

Grigoriy Petukhov

Hi guys, will you make us happy with mercurial support?


+1 for mercurial


+1 for mercurial

I’m looking at moving out to BitBucket because I’ve outgrown svn


+1 for mercurial

We’re also going to other providers for this, because some developers just want to work with Mercurial. Within Unfuddle we use Git. SVN is not for us.


+1 for Mercurial


+1 for mercurial


+1 for mercurial

Mariusz Grodek

+100 for Mercurial, it would be really awesome to have this kind of repo here :)


The original request has recently celebrated its 3rd anniversary :) Any news on this topic?