Unfuddle Mylyn Connector: User Guide

Add a Task Repository

After having gone through the installation process, you should be able to add an Unfuddle repository and import tickets.

You can add a new Unfuddle Repository by clicking on the New Task icon New Task in the Task List and selecting Add Repository...

Add New Task Repository

Select the Unfuddle Connector from the list of installed connectors and click Next

Select New Unfuddle Task Repository

Complete the Unfuddle Repository Settings page with the required information

  • Server: make sure you are using https for SSL enabled accounts
  • Label: custom label; this is how your repository will be named in the Eclipse IDE
  • User ID: your Unfuddle username
  • Password: your password; selecting "Save Password" you will avoid having to provide it each time the connector tries to connect to the Unfuddle servers

After having completed these forms, expand the Additional Settings section and select the desired project from the combo-box.

You can now click Finish. Your Unfuddle Repository will now be visible in the Task Repositories view (if you cannot see Task Repositories, go to Window > Show View > Other... > Task Repositories).

Edit Unfuddle Repository Settings

Import Tickets

After having set up a Task Repository, you will be prompted to create a new Query. You can either choose to create one now or at a later time. In a Task Repository, Queries map directly to the Ticket Reports created in Unfuddle for your Project.

At this point you are asked to choose a Ticket Report from the Ticket Reports list. After having done so, click Finish

Select Ticket Report

The Synchronization process will import all the tickets in the chosen Ticket Report into the Task List.

Even while the Synchronization process is running in the background, you can choose to view and/or edit the Tickets from the Task List.

Synchronize Query

Manage Tickets

Double clicking on a ticket in the Task List, you can view and edit the ticket, view and add attachments and comments.

Ticket Editing Page

After having made all the necessary modifications to the ticket, you can click the Submit button to synchronize the changes with your Unfuddle Account.

Add New Task Repository

Offline Editing

If you are away from an Internet Connection, you can edit the tickets, and save them locally. Locally saved tickets will be marked with a left-facing arrow, as with ticket #12 in the screenshot below. These tickets will be synchronized with the server on the next synchronization.

Add New Task Repository


As you begin to use the Unfuddle Mylyn Connector, please do not hesitate to let us know how we can improve upon it by mailing Unfuddle Support.