Git hosting can be complex and tedious.
Unfuddle TEN makes it simple to use Git with your team.

Git is a distributed version control system. Millions of developers around the world use it. Git simplifies the process of working together on code. But hosting your own Git repositories can often be a hassle.

Unfuddle TEN offers git hosting as an integral part of our software project management solution. And we have been leaders in git hosting since 2008. In fact, Unfuddle was one of the first providers of git hosting in the world.

Git Hosting in Unfuddle TEN

Unfuddle TEN offers free unlimited private git repositories to all our customers. And for the demanding needs of organizations, we have some advanced features, including:

  • Code Review
  • Merge Requests
  • Repository Forking
  • Many repositories on a single project
  • Advanced access permissions

Spotlight on Code Review

Unfuddle TEN git hosting offers some real advantages over self-hosting. For example, tasks in Unfuddle TEN support deep integration with your project's git repositories. This integration makes the code review process seamless for your team.

Consider that you are working on a task that represents a bug in your product:

An open merge request on a task

You create a branch in git to resolve that bug. You code the solution and commit. Then, you create a merge request on the task for the code you have committed.

Code review in Unfuddle TEN Git hosting

Now, the entire team has an opportunity to review and comment on the code. After approval, you can merge the entire branch with one simple click!

Free Git Hosting

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