Unfuddle Screenshots with Freshlog

September 11th, 2009

I don’t know about you, but when I create a ticket in Unfuddle, I often want to attach a screenshot illustrating the problem. We recently reviewed an application developed by one of our customers that makes the process of creating a ticket with a screenshot much easier.

Enter Freshlog

Freshlog is a Mac OS application that makes it very simple to take a screenshot, crop it, annotate it and upload it to a new or existing ticket within your Unfuddle account. Launch the app, enter your Unfuddle credentials and then ticket creation with attachments is only a keyboard shortcut away!


For more information on the app, visit http://freshlog.com.

  1. bramick:

    http://freshlog.com “Freshlog”

    links aren't working on this post because of the "Freshlog" in the url.... FF 3.5.3 Mac OX 10.6

  2. Elijah:

    Yup, link doesn't work.

  3. mike:

    Ah, the joy of "smart" quotes.

    Try this link instead

  4. David Croswell:

    Thanks for letting us know. The link has now been fixed.

  5. Alvin Lai:

    Hi guys,

    I'm the developer for Freshlog, let me know if you have feedback yeah?

    Here's another blog post by ELC Tech on Freshlog:


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