Unfuddled: Finally, we blog!

Okay, okay. While many of you have spoken directly to us through email, there has been some talk that the makers of Unfuddle are a fairly quiet lot. Well, things are about to change. We’ve come to our senses and are launching Unfuddled – the official blog of Unfuddle!

The past eight months since the launch of Unfuddle have been very exciting. Over and over again, we have received confirmation that the Unfuddle approach really meets the needs of many fellow developers. Never have we had the opportunity to work with such a high class group of people as yourselves. Your continued encouragement and valuable feedback have served to shape Unfuddle into the product that it is today.

While the Unfuddle featureset has remained fairly consistent over the past few months, rest assured that we have not been sitting idle. We have been working night and day to design the next release of Unfuddle. Get excited. Changes are coming and they are going to help you and your team get even more work done!

Please drop into Unfuddled for information about upcoming features, tips and tricks, scheduled maintenance and all other Unfuddle related news.

Thanks again for making Unfuddle the best software project management tool out there!

  1. April 3, 2007 Tom


  2. April 3, 2007 river

    fantastic, glad to see you're blogging. can't wait for the updates to unfuddle.

  3. April 4, 2007 Nate Haug

    This is great, but is it too late for some of us?

    The Unfuddle tools have been excellent for small scale projects, but after 6 months on Unfuddle, it's been failing us since the project now 35 people at 6 different companies, 600 closed tickets and 80+ open ones at all times.

    We've asked the Unfuddle team about improved reporting, categories, and searching. And while we've gotten a reassuring, "We're working on it," it wasn't enough to prevent us from implementing a new system to replace Unfuddle. Can Unfuddle provide enough assurance to prevent us from moving on?