• Just Deployed Five Improvements To STACK

    Custom Resolutions

    Just before the close of the year, we improved Unfuddle STACK with some new enhancements. Many of these improvements come from the STACK community, and we are grateful. Your feedback represents the way our customers are using STACK. It guides us in how we make improvements.


  • Living out Loud. Or “Why Teams Fail”.

    Living Out Loud

    At Unfuddle, I have had the privilege of serving countless software development teams, helping them build their best stuff. This has come primarily in the form of developing tools that help them to communicate. It has also come in the form of consulting directly with teams. These roles have put me in a position to see which teams do well and which teams fail.

    Often, we get customers who are looking to Unfuddle as a tool to help solve their communication problems. I am proud to say that it can! But sometimes, teams fail even though they use good tools. Maybe you have the perfectly curated software development stack, the best developers, the end-all-be-all of project management methodologies. But something lacks.


  • Unfuddle ONE updates for February 6, 2015.

    New sign-in options are now available for Unfuddle ONE, as well as updates to the code block syntax. Get the full details on today's update to the Unfuddle ONE app.


  • Updated Unfuddle ONE app brings multi-line vertical drag and drop to tasks, and more.

    Today, Unfuddle ONE got a few updates that are worth sharing.

    Unfuddle ONE: multiline tasks and code blocks

    First off, tasks are now multiline. This means that when a task is defined, its contents flow to the next task, milestone or section definition (formerly called Bookmarks — see below). This enables some cool functionality such as vertical dragging and dropping in taskboards. Now, when you drag a task between columns or up and down within a column, the task and its contents (the following lines) are all moved automatically within the document. Go ahead and give it a try!


  • Faster Performance for All Unfuddle Users

    Happy New Year to you! Over the past few weeks, we've been busy implementing some new hardware and software upgrades. These upgrades include SSDs, more RAM, and faster CPUs. Here are the benefits to you as we finish up all upgrades:


  • Introducing Unfuddle ONE and Unfuddle STACK

    We have two important announcements to make today. The first introduces a new product in our suite of Unfuddle tools called Unfuddle ONE. The second is a name change of the Unfuddle app to Unfuddle STACK. Both are good things, so let's dive into the first announcement.

    Announcement #1: Unfuddle exists to help you do your best stuff, and that's what drives us. We're never satisfied, because we know there's always a better way to help you bring your projects to life. With that said, we want to introduce Unfuddle ONE. We call it the one-page plain text project management app that will TRANSFORM the way you manage your projects.


  • The Four Primary Pieces of Project Management

    Getting immersed in big projects requires more than just hard work and elbow grease. For teams to come together and execute something that becomes more than the sum of its parts, it requires a certain dedication, commitment, and strategic vision that runs through every part and parcel of a project. And while project management solutions can help keep teams on task no matter where they may be, they need to address four critically important components to the project management ecosystem: detailed communication, deadlines and shifting priorities, delegation, and downtime.


  • SSLv3 Vulnerability Addressed

    Last month a vulnerability was discovered for SSLv3 by the name of POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption) allowing man-in-the-middle attackers to view encrypted information in plain text. With that said, SSLv3 is no longer secure and we have removed this protocol from our servers in favor of TLS.


  • Two-Factor Authentication in Unfuddle

    Today we're happy to announce that we've enabled two-factor authentication for all web access to Unfuddle accounts!

    Two-factor authentication adds a strong layer of security to accounts by requiring not just a username and password, but also an additional code which is tied to a device you have in your possession, typically a mobile device, such as a smartphone. This means that, once enabled, in order to sign in to you will need to provide both your username and password AND have your device with you in your possession.


  • Notice: SSL Heartbleed Bug

    On Monday, April 7th, a serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library, known as Heartbleed, was publicly disclosed. OpenSSL is a very popular library used for providing secure and private communication for services such as websites, email, virtual private networks and more. This includes most communication with Unfuddle and similar services.