• Unfuddle TEN New Features: Improved Task Card Features

    New Task Card Format

    Continuing with our recent usability updates, we've just rolled out a significant overhaul to how our task cards look and function.


  • Unfuddle TEN New Features: Backlog and Milestones

    Unfuddle TEN Merge Requests

    Today, you've got some new things for you. It's a significant update that is part of a larger rollout of UI enhancements we have scheduled for this month. This is only the tip of the iceberg and you're gonna love what's in store down the road.


  • Git Merge Requests in Unfuddle TEN

    Unfuddle TEN Merge Requests

    A little Christmas present for all of you in an Organization, because who doesn’t like presents? Unfuddle TEN now supports merge requests to enhance your code workflow.


  • You Were Born to Make Stuff

    This week, all the Unfuddle team has gathered from around the globe, in beautiful Vermont autumn, to launch the most significant product of our history as a company: Unfuddle TEN.


  • Sneak Peek at Unfuddle TEN

    Today is the 10 year anniversary of Unfuddle and we're celebrating by sharing with you some of the highlights of the work we have been doing with Unfuddle TEN.


  • 10 Must-Have Apps You Should Have in Your Agile Toolchain

    header image -- must-have agile apps

    At Unfuddle we are a distributed team of several software engineers. As a distributed team, we have some common tools we all share, as well as our own personal list of goto apps. These tools help us in our continuous delivery of features, fixes, and new products.


  • Security Update to Git 2.7.4 and OpenSSH 7.2.p2

  • Unfuddle TEN: Addressing Customer Feedback

    Unfuddle TEN development has been going great. And we are getting closer to releasing a roadmap for everyone to see.

    Addressing Customer Feedback

    Before we pull back the covers completely, I want to take the opportunity to address some of the specific concerns that our customers have brought to us — recently and through the years. You have showed up in droves to talk to us about what you really want out of Unfuddle.


  • Why we chose Meteor for Unfuddle TEN

    As many of you know, Unfuddle has been a primarily Ruby shop for the past ten years. We love Ruby. And it has served us exceptionally well.

    However, in the past year, we have really gotten interested in the idea of realtime collaborative interfaces. AgilePad was our first attempt at this. Though we were very attached to Ruby, we began to venture out of the ecosystem to test the state-of-the-art in other development communities. For example AgilePad was built on NodeJS, Angular and Firebase.

    For a few of our other side projects, we chose to use Meteor. And we have fallen in love. Here are just a few of the reasons why.


  • Project Management at the Speed of Thought

    Over the years we have engaged in many "thought experiments". These are experiments to test principles of project management, and their practical application. We came up with these experiments through talking with our customers, and drawing on our own experiences with running dozens of internal projects over the years.

    Project Management at the Speed of Thought

    You may not have heard of AgilePad, but it was one of our experiments that we launched last year. We launched it with little fanfare. AgilePad came from a single observation we had about our team: Despite so many good project management tools, everyone at Unfuddle still kept a bunch of text files on their desktops with random thoughts and todos for various projects. We asked ourselves, "What if we moved those text files to a collaborative environment, and spiced it up with a little syntactic sugar?"