Subversion 1.7 Support

We are pleased to announce the support of Subversion 1.7 for all Unfuddle customers. There are a whole host of additions and updates that come with this release. Here are just a few:

Dumps and Loads can both be done remotely

Subversion 1.7 brings with it a new command, svnrdump, which essentially replicates the svnadmin dump and svnadmin load commands and can be used on remote repositories.

This will allow you to load a local dump file directly into a new Subversion repository in your Unfuddle account. It is no longer necessary to jump through hoops in order to do this. Likewise, you can also generate a full dump of your Unfuddle Subversion repository right from within your Subversion client without the need to do a full export of your Unfuddle project.

Working copy metadata storage is now centralized

In previous versions of Subversion, a working copy contained a ".svn" metadata directory in each directory of the file hierarchy. With Subversion 1.7, the working copy will have just a single ".svn" metadata directory in the root of the working copy.

Upgrading your working copy

Of course each pre-1.7 working copy will need to be updated in order to use a Subversion 1.7 client. In previous releases this happened automatically, however, Subversion 1.7 requires this to be done manually. This is as simple as running a new command called svn upgrade. This command can take some time to run for some users so it may make more sense in some cases to simply checkout your Unfuddle repository fresh with your updated SVN client.

For a complete list of updates, please see the official Subversion 1.7 release notes.

P.S. Check back soon for an exciting SSL update...

  1. May 4, 2012 Ken Smith

    I take it, then, that the server-side data stores will be upgraded to the 1.7 format automatically?

  2. May 11, 2012 Jaret Frappier


    Subversion 1.7 servers use the same repository format as Subversion 1.6, so there is no change to the server-side repositories.