Alchemy Update: Drop The Drawers

While working to improve the existing Unfuddle experience, we have also been hard at work continuing to bring Unfuddle Alchemy closer to public release. This week brings some significant changes outlined below.

First, we have dropped the concept of "drawers" on the side of some views. These drawers used to hold content such as thoughts or permissions for an objective. These drawers were a little too constraining for thoughts and just didn’t work well enough for their other purposes so they are gone. Thoughts for an objective are now always visible either to the right of the objective list or below it depending on the width of the window. This provides more horizontal room for the thoughts making them much easier to read and it also makes better use of the page in general. See below:

The new thoughts pane. no more drawers.

Also, as a result of getting rid of the drawers, we have consolidated the workspace settings view and changed where to manage the permissions for an objective. They are now configurable from the objectives "gear" icon along with a number of other options which were already there.

We continue to send out invites to those who have requested them. If you are interested in helping us bring new features and improve existing ones in Alchemy please request an invite.