Alchemy Update: A Changelog

We've been having a great time working on Unfuddle Alchemy and our beta users have been giving us some great feedback. We are happy to post some of the updates we have deployed during the past week or two. Here they are in no particular order:


  • All of the actions for an objective have now been grouped under the objective's gear menu. We have also included the ability to change an objective's state from this menu so it is simple to move an objective through your workflow, even to a state which is hidden in the current schedule.
  • We've added more bulk actions in schedules to facilitate better movement of objectives from one state to another.
  • We have increased the vertical space available for listing objectives in a schedule to help you see more without having to scroll.
  • You are now presented with a warning when attempting to leave/close a window before data has been synced with the server.
  • Newly added actionable objectives are now added to the top of schedule columns instead of the bottom.
  • URLs in thoughts are automatically converted to actual links.
  • The input for editing an objective's name is now multi-line.
  • The add objective input is now full width to better give the feeling of list rows on the page.
  • Thoughts are no-longer collapsed if they exceed the height of the page and the newest thoughts are always shown when an objective is loaded.

Bug Fixes

We've gone ahead and fixed a bunch of issues as well:

  • We fixed some issues which were affecting pre-populating schedule columns.
  • Separators created adjacent to each other display properly now.
  • The tracked objective dialog no longer appears unintentionally when toggling schedule columns.
  • The Tab > Enter key sequence now works properly in Safari to post a thought.
  • Live update now only updates the correct schedule.
  • The feedback form is now visible on all pages.
  • We fixed some issues with text overflowing the thoughts area in certain cases.
  • Objectives which contain other objectives are now always bolded in the objective hierarchy as expected.
  • States are colored properly in all schedules.

Want to Help?

We would love it if you would help us test Alchemy. If you are interested, please request and invitation.