Alchemy Update: Multiple Assignees

Today, we have released an update which allows you to assign an objective to one or more people. You read that right — you can assign an objective to multiple people. This has been a long-standing request of our customers and we are already appreciating its usefulness.

Image of showing multiple assignees on an objective in the schedule.

Assigning someone to an objective is really easy. Simply click that objective's "Assignee" button and select the person or people responsible for that objective. That person's avatar will then show up alongside any other assignees for that objective.

With assignees in place, we can begin doing some interesting things throughout the interface. For example, it is now possible to filter a schedule by assignee(s). Select the desired assignees from the schedule's "Assignees" menu and the schedule automatically updates to show only the relevant objectives.

Notification Emails

In this update, we have also slightly modified how notifications are sent via email. Particularly if you use Gmail or another app which consolidates messages into conversations, you will notice that each objective will receive its own thread.

Spreading the Word

Did you know you can invite other people to work with you in Alchemy? From within the workspace settings or an objective's settings, you can invite others via the permissions panel. At the top of the permissions panel, enter the email address of the person you wish to invite and select the level of access you wish to grant him or her then click the "Invite" button. If you invite someone to work with you, they do not need to be formally included in the Unfuddle Alchemy beta.

Unfuddle Alchemy is changing FAST. Your comments and suggestions are directly impacting our development and we are hungry to hear more. Please be sure to let us know what you are thinking so we can take your ideas into consideration as we continue development.

Want to get in on the beta testing? Request an invite or have one of your friends who is already part of the beta invite you in!