A Notifications Notification

It goes back more than a couple of years. There have been multiple community forum discussions about it. We have had plenty of diverse email feedback about its usefulness. All this talk, yet our email notifications have not changed much in a long time. This is for a good reason: they generally work very well. However, not everyone has been happy with the formatting of our email subject lines. We've attempted to change things up multiple times in the past, always with a lot of push back.

Personal email notification settings in an Unfuddle account

Well, the personal settings for notifications have now been updated to provide a little more flexibility.

All the previous options are there. If you like having the existing project-specific email subject lines, you don't need to change anything. However, if you wish you could have more specific subjects, that is now a possibility. Simply select "for every action" in the notifications drop-down menu.

Once this new option is selected, you will begin to receive notifications with subject lines specific to the ticket, message, notebook, repository, etc., in question. For example, with the new option selected, a ticket notification will now have a subject something like the this: "Project Name: Ticket #1234 - Ticket Summary". This way all notifications for that ticket such as comments or other updates will all have that same subject. In email clients like Gmail which group messages based on subject, the emails will still be separated into conversations but on a smaller scale and with only very relevant emails grouped together.

  1. March 27, 2013 Sean

    I really like this idea but have turned it off already as it generates too many emails. :-(

    I think another option could be added to "group by ticket" so that updates for the same ticket in the last few minutes are grouped like the "grouped by project".

    This would reduce the number of emails but also allow for the new email subject format.

    Thank you

  2. March 28, 2013 Chris

    I wish we could control this per project. The current function is awesome, but I wish I could have my daily emails for most project, but the couple projects that I manage I'd like to have immediate emails. Since I require access to say 10 projects turning on daily emails in my settings quickly floods me and makes the emails useless.