Custom Ticket Statuses and Project Workflows

Custom Ticket Statuses

As you may have already noticed, we have just flipped the switch on the new ticket view for all Unfuddle accounts. You may recall that this new view paves the way to some new and exciting features, namely custom statuses and task boards.

So, today, we are simultaneously launching custom statuses to all of our customers who have Compact plans and above. Go ahead. Define as many statuses as you like. Bend Unfuddle to suit your own specific workflow. It’s now easier than ever!

Screenshot of the custom statuses management in the project settings page

Statuses can be added and removed by administrators from the project settings page. Please note that some statuses are required for certain powerful commit messages to continue working. For example, removing or renaming the “Resolved” status will prevent any resolve actions from being processed in the future.


Custom statuses are awesome and really help Unfuddle to map to how each team thinks and works. But task boards are what we are really looking forward to introducing in Unfuddle. We are calling them “Schedules” and each milestone in your project essentially represents a schedule.

You may have even wondered at some point about the “Schedule” tab and thought, “why isn’t it just called ‘Milestones’?” Well, this is why! Even while we have been working on the new ticket view and custom statuses, we have also been working feverishly on Schedules and are looking to deploy them in the very near future.

  1. August 30, 2013 Dan

    Nice work guys! Can't wait for the Schedules to be implemented!!

    Since you've added nice colors for the Ticket Statuses, I'd like to kindly request for more project colors too! Easy thing to add and it'll help people with many projects in their account :-)

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. September 1, 2013 Craig

    Awesome. This is a great feature. Any chance we'll be able to create our own default set of ticket statuses so that if we use the same settings on most of our projects we don't need to modify them each time?

  3. September 1, 2013 Petr

    Hey guys, great step forward. Will we see anytime soon also more Custom Fields?


  4. September 2, 2013 Evzen

    I second the "more custom fields" wish!

  5. September 30, 2013 Christine

    I'd also like to know if/when it's possible to create a default set of ticket statuses since we use the same settings on most of our projects and it seems like a pain to set them up each time.