Just Deployed Five Improvements To STACK

Custom Resolutions

Just before the close of the year, we improved Unfuddle STACK with some new enhancements. Many of these improvements come from the STACK community, and we are grateful. Your feedback represents the way our customers are using STACK. It guides us in how we make improvements.

  • Added Custom resolutions for tickets are finally available. Now you can specify custom resolutions in your projects tailored for your workflow.
  • Added Archive ticket field function: versions, severities, components. Many of you have projects with thousands of versions, making the project settings page unmanageable. The ability to archive these projects solves the clutter problem.
  • Updated track2unfuddle.rb script, thanks to Iskar Enev. This update corrected the migration of ticket fields and added support for Trac 0.11.1 installations using a MySQL database backend.
  • Updated bi-daily email notifications: 8AM and 4PM. Now you can get an email digest of the latest changes twice a day.
  • Added Timedoctor integration. Timedoctor lets you track time on tasks in Unfuddle STACK and get detailed productivity metrics such as individual time spent on tasks, total time spent on tasks across the team, and more. Visit https://www.timedoctor.com/unfuddle.html for more information.

Please let us know how we're doing by adding a comment, emailing us at support, or by tweeting us @unfuddle. As always, we continue to improve Unfuddle STACK so that you can get your best stuff done.

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