Unfuddle TEN: Addressing Customer Feedback

Addressing Customer Feedback

Unfuddle TEN development has been going great. And we are getting closer to releasing a roadmap for everyone to see.

Before we pull back the covers completely on Unfuddle TEN, I want to take the opportunity to address some of the specific concerns that our customers have brought to us — recently and through the years. You have showed up in droves to talk to us about what you really want out of Unfuddle.

Here are just a few of the ways that Unfuddle TEN is going to help you and your team do your best stuff:

Cost. You want free. And we have heard you. Unfuddle TEN is going to be free for personal accounts. Of course, we are going to save some of the fun for our paid accounts, but I think you will be very pleased to find that you can do most personal projects in Unfuddle TEN without paying a dime.

Pull Requests. Let’s be honest. Unfuddle has lagged behind the modern day git workflows that most of us use today. Branching, merging, code review — Unfuddle TEN is going to support these out of the box.

Agile Workflows. We have spent a lot of time designing our new task workflow system. Rather than the rigid workflow we have in Unfuddle today, Unfuddle TEN sports an extremely flexible system that will match the way your team works. Agile teams, scrum teams, kanban… you name it. Unfuddle TEN works the way you do.

Native Mobile Apps. We have heard you loud and clear that mobile matters. We will be releasing native iOS and Android versions of Unfuddle TEN.

Integrations. Github, Slack, HipChat, Basecamp, Harvest, Freckle. Over the next year, we are going for gold on integrations. Unfuddle TEN is going to work where you work with the most popular tools that accompany you through the rest of your day.

Obviously, these are just a couple of examples of how we are directly meeting your requests. Unfuddle TEN is a whole lot more!

I want to thank everyone again for your feedback. It has been this feedback that has shaped Unfuddle TEN and we know you are going to love it. Keep it coming!

In the next few weeks, we are going to be releasing our official roadmap for Unfuddle TEN. Keep a watch out. And let us know what you think!

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