Unfuddle TEN New Features: Improved Task Card Features

Continuing with our recent usability updates, we’ve just rolled out a significant overhaul to how our task cards look and function. Say hello to the new look:

The New Task Cards

We’ve reduced the number of clicks necessary to find what you are looking for. There is more information on each task card, and they’re easier to read.

Specific types of info now appear in predictable places making a board full of tasks so much easier to parse. Status always appears in the top right and Milestone in the bottom left. Avatars for all people on the task now appear in the bottom right and replace the “@person” tags that would appear all over the place before. Finally, task cards now show information for comments, attachments, merge requests, and dates all in a consistent space.

Include Images On Task Cards

You can assign an images to cards now! Want to get your teams attention or visually represent what a task is for? Attach an image to the task and set it to show on the card. Boom! Your screenshot of that gnarly bug or sweet game asset will now be visible right on the card and easy to pick out at a glance.

Task Cards Can Now Have Images

Associate Tasks With Each Other

Sometimes you might want to refer to a task or to point out a duplicate. Or perhaps you want to define loose task dependencies to help you and your team know which tasks affect other tasks. Well, that’s now made easier as you can now create links between tasks. Do this by tagging a task with the number of any other task. These special hashtags automatically turn into links. Hover over one of these tags and you will see the card for the linked task. Tap on the card and you will immediately be taken to that task.

Task Cards Can Now Have Images

There is still a lot more coming! Continue letting us know how we can better serve you and your teams. We love making Unfuddle work better for you!