Unfuddle: Task Todos and Activity

This week, we launched a helpful new feature on tasks. You can now add a list of todos. This is great for remembering how much of a task you have completed. It’s also great for bigger tasks that you don’t want to break into into multiple separate tasks.

Tasks can now have todo lists

Click the add todo button on the upper-right hand corner of the task to get started. And don’t forget that you can reorder todos by just dragging and dropping them in the list.

We have also integrated task activity, such as tag and milestone changes, directly inline with the comments on a task. This gives you a great way to view how a task has evolved over time.

Activity for tasks is now shown inline with comments

Of course, we’ve also shipped a number of performance improvements and bug fixes. You might especially note that the Activity page is now significantly faster than before.

Keep those comments and requests coming!