Made by Unfuddle

Made by other great people

  • Anfuddle - an Unfuddle STACK app for android
  • - Central management of business and personal productivity cloud apps
  • Coldfusion Component for Unfuddle STACK - Project Requester and Downloader
  • Testlodge - Online Test Case Management Tool
  • Testuff - SaaS Test Management
  • Toggl - Simple Time Tracking and Timesheet tool
  • Taco - Prioritize tasks from 40+ services on one screen
  • Timedoctor - Track time on tasks in Unfuddle STACK and get detailed productivity metrics such as viewing websites and applications visited
  • Unfuddle Jumper - A Chrome plugin to help you jump quickly to a specific ticket in your logged in Unfuddle STACK project(s)
  • Unfuddle Slack - Simple integration adapter for publishing Unfuddle STACK activity to a Slack channel