Unfuddle Mylyn Connector Screenshot

Unfuddle Mylyn Connector
Unfuddle for the Eclipse IDE

For our customers who use the Eclipse IDE, we have put together an Unfuddle Mylyn Connector. This connector allows you to work on all of your Unfuddle tickets right from within your favorite IDE!

Installing the Connector

There are two ways to install the Unfuddle Mylyn Connector into your application:

  • Install it using the Unfuddle Mylyn Connector update site. Full installation instructions for using the update site are also available.
  • Eclipse 4.2 (Juno)     : https://unfuddle.com/downloads/plugins/mylyn/e4.2/update-site/
    Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo)   : https://unfuddle.com/downloads/plugins/mylyn/e3.7/update-site/
    Eclipse 3.6 (Helios)   : https://unfuddle.com/downloads/plugins/mylyn/e3.6/update-site/
    Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo)  : https://unfuddle.com/downloads/plugins/mylyn/e3.5/update-site/
    Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) : https://unfuddle.com/downloads/plugins/mylyn/e3.4/update-site/

  • Extract the appropriate ZIP archive from the ones listed below into the dropins directory of your Eclipse installation.


For more information please see the following before contacting us.