Why did I get a 'repository not found' error message?

When attempting to access an Unfuddle STACK GIT Repository over HTTP, the error would look like below:

remote: Repository not found. Make sure the URL is correct.
fatal: repository 'REPOSITORY_URL' not found

The reason for encountering this error is simple: the GIT repository you are trying to access does not exist at the specified URL.

You should make sure that the repository exists. A list of repositories you have access to can be found at https://SUBDOMAIN.unfuddle.com/a#/repositories (where SUBDOMAIN should be replaced with your actual account subdomain).

If credentials are not correct, or you do not have enough permissions to perform the desired operation on the repository, a different error message would be returned:

# error message for wrong credentials
$ git clone REPOSITORY_URL
fatal: Authentication failed for REPOSITORY_URL

# error message for insufficient permissions
$ git clone REPOSITORY_URL
fatal: unable to access 'REPOSITORY_URL': The requested URL returned error: 403

If you need to reset your password, you can do that from the web interface at https://SUBDOMAIN.unfuddle.com/a#/support/password_reset (where SUBDOMAIN should be replaced with your actual account subdomain).

If you know your credentials to be correct and think you should have access to the repository, you need to get in touch with a Project or Account Administrator that has access to the repository in order to elevate your permissions.

Feel free to contact us or shoot us an email at support@unfuddle.com if you need more help.