Roadmap for Unfuddle STACK

Unfuddle STACK Roadmap

You may recall that we recently sent a survey to our customers to find out what we could be doing better to serve you.

We want to thank you for the overwhelming response to this survey.

You shared your thoughts, your joys and your pains. And this feedback has been incredibly helpful. It has already begun to affect our development efforts! After a deep analysis of your responses, our team decided that we will be working on the following areas that will directly improve your daily experience with Unfuddle STACK:

UI/UX Modernization

It’s clear from your responses that many of you feel that our interface is deprecating a bit and some workflows could really be streamlined.

So we are taking steps to improve and polish it.

That being said, we are very sensitive to the fact that many of you have grown accustomed to the current flows. Rest assured that we will do our best to move deliberately and carefully with these changes so as not to change things too quickly. We know that people need time to adapt.


Many of you shared with us the importance of integrating with your favorite tools and services.

To that end, we are committing to improve on the existing integrations as well as connect with other external services to make your lives easier. This includes services like Slack, interactions with email notifications (eg: reply to comments on tickets) and others.

Did you know that there are already several apps and services that interact with our extensive API? We also plan on improving existing Repository Callbacks so that setting them up for interaction with your favorite CI system would be made easier.

Also, one other thing that many of you have asked for is a 2FA solution compatible with other systems such as Google Authenticator not just Authy. We have already begun work on this and are hoping to get a new solution out to all of you soon!

Performance Improvements

Performance is another theme that showed up in many of your responses.

We understand that some of you, especially with larger repositories have been experiencing degraded performance. This is especially true when introspecting the repository through the web interface.

In response, we have already begun work on improving performance.

Our internal tests already reveal significant improvement. We are just now preparing to release these updates to production and are excited that they will have immediate impact for many of you, both with the web interface and repository interactions.

Thank you so much again for helping us make Unfuddle even better!

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash