Keyboard Shortcuts

Throughout Unfuddle it is possible to interact with your account using only the keyboard. Below are the shortcuts you can use to navigate through your account, create tickets, messages, comments and more.

Global Shortcuts
? Show all keyboard shortcuts
n Open "Add a resource" dropdown
/ Search
p Open project selector
c Create comment
n then m Add Message
n then i Add Milestone
n then t Add Ticket
n then b Add Notebook
n then g Add Page
n then r Add Repository
n then j Add Project
n then p Invite a Person
g then a Go to Activity
g then s Go to Schedule
g then m Go to Messages
g then t Go to Tickets
g then n Go to Notebooks
g then r Go to Repositories
g then p Go to People
g then j Go to Project Settings
Ticket Actions
. then a Accept
. then c Close
. then d Delete
. then e Edit
. then o Reopen
. then r Resolve
. then s Reassign
. then u Unaccept
Message Actions
. then d Delete
. then e Edit
Notebook Page Actions
. then d Delete
. then e Edit
. then h History
. then v View