Using svnrdump to Remotely Manage Repository Dumps

SVN 1.7 and higher brings some nifty tools with it, including svnrdump. This is the equivalent of using svnadmin to manage dumps, except it is used remotely instead of server side. Anyone with a SVN client can create and load repository dumps remotely right from their own machine with their Unfuddle username and password.

NOTE: In the examples below, subdomain and abbreviation must be replaced with values appropriate to your account and repository.

Creating a Dump

Creating a dump of an Unfuddle SVN repository is very simple. Just run this command:

$ svnrdump dump > /path/to/repo.dmp

This will create a dump locally on your machine located in /path/to/repo.dmp.

Loading a Dump

Loading a dump to a newly created Unfuddle SVN repository is just as simple. Make sure the empty repository exists in the account and then you can run this command to load a dump:

$ svnrdump load < /path/to/repo.dmp