Ticket Workflow

Unfuddle sports a flexible ticket workflow, allowing you to automatically manage how tickets are pushed through your production cycle.


Ticket Workflow options can be set on a per-project basis, and can be found on the Project Settings tab.

Automatic Reassignment

When a ticket is resolved, Unfuddle can automatically reassign the ticket for you. The ticket can either be assigned to the original Reporter, or can be reassigned to nobody. The second option is ideal for larger teams where any QA person can verify and close a supposedly resolved ticket.

Automatic Reassignment functionality can be modified by changing the dropdown titled "After resolving a ticket..." on the Project Settings tab.

Automatic Closure

By default, resolving a ticket in Unfuddle does not mark it as closed. It must be separately verified and closed, presumable by the Reporter or a QA team member.

This model for ticket closure, while elegant, is often too heavy for smaller teams. Often developers want to be able to independently verify and close their tickets at the same time a ticket is resolved.

To modify the default ticket closure behavior, simply check the box title "Resolving a ticket will also simultaneously close the ticket." on the Project Settings tab.