• Updated Searching

    We have been working on a number of new features in Unfuddle. One small update we would like to point out is the new search functionality.


  • Ticket Report Improvements

    We are pleased to announce that we have deployed a significant update to ticket reports. This is specifically with regards to the way report criteria are specified.

    It is now possible to select multiple, similar criteria. For example, one could create a report to filter out both tickets which are closed AND resolved! Of course, this is only one possibility. This update brings a new level of flexibility to the filtering of tickets which many of our customers have requested.

    Here is how it works:

    Within the "Report Options", one may create "sets" of rules. The sets are joined by ANDs and the rules within the sets are joined by ORs. To create a report which shows open or active tickets which are the most urgent, one might select the criteria as in the picture:

    Flexible Ticket Report Criteria

    All tickets where status is not closed AND status is not resolved AND priority is highest or priority is high.


  • Unfuddle Android App

    Anfuddle Logo

    Earlier this week, Sparktech Software released Anfuddle, its fully native Android client for Unfuddle. Anfuddle provides full access to your Unfuddle account on the go, including account activity, time tracking, tickets, notebooks, messages and more.

    Anfuddle is available immediately on the Android market for $5.99. For more information, please visit the official Anfuddle website (http://anfuddle.com).

    Anfuddle QR Code

    Sparktech Software is a full service web development and consulting services company with development offices in California (Los Angeles and Irvine) as well as in Romania (Bucharest).

    Great job guys!

    Update: There is now a free version of the Anfuddle app available in the following locations: Android Market and Amazon App Store.

  • Unfuddle Mylyn Connector Update - Eclipse Helios (3.6)

    As probably all Java developers are aware, Eclipse has been taken a step further with version 3.6, alias Helios. We have just updated the Unfuddle Mylyn Connector to compatible with Helios. Now you can continue working on all of your Unfuddle tickets right from within your favorite IDE!


  • Unfuddle iPhone App Update

    After much anticipation and numerous requests from our customers, we have just been given the go ahead to release the Unfuddle iPhone app in all countries with iTunes stores! In addition, we are also pushing out a small update which addressed a handful of bugs.

    The Unfuddle iPhone app is free and can be downloaded here: Unfuddle iPhone App

    Please see the original Unfuddle iPhone app post for more information.

  • Unfuddle iPhone App

    iphone app iconAfter many requests from our customers for access to Unfuddle on their iPhone, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the official Unfuddle iPhone App!

    The Unfuddle iPhone application is a fully native client allowing you to access your Unfuddle account on the go. Want to catch up with what’s happening on your projects? Forgot to create a time entry for that last 3 hours of work? Found a bug in your app and want to report it? No problem! The Unfuddle iPhone application allows you to access and modify almost all aspects of your projects.

    The Unfuddle iPhone App is free and available to US and Canadian customers from the iTunes store here. We will be adding additional countries shortly.

    UPDATE: The Unfuddle iPhone App is now available in the following additional countries:

    Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom


    iphone app image 1 iphone app image 2 iphone app image 3
  • Unfuddle Mylyn Connector

    eclipse logo

    Many of you have written to us requesting integration with Mylyn for Eclipse. Mylyn is an Eclipse interface that, among other things, allows you to manipulate tickets for your projects without ever having to leave your IDE.

    Today, we are proud to release the Unfuddle Mylyn Connector, giving you access to all of your Unfuddle tickets right from within your favorite editor. The connector was made possible through the efforts of one of our newest Unfuddlers, Andronic Trandafir. Thanks Andronic!

    The Unfuddle Mylyn Connector is compatible with Mylyn 3.0, meaning it is available in most Eclipse-based editors.

    We hope that you enjoy the new connector. Please let us know what you think!

  • Custom Ticket Fields

    Many of you have asked for the ability to create and set custom fields for your tickets in Unfuddle. We are happy to announce that this is now possible!

    Every Unfuddle project now provides three totally customizable ticket fields. Each field can be assigned a custom title and any number of values. These values can come from a list, pre-specified by an account administrator, or they can be arbitrarily specified during the creation or editing of a ticket.

    Custom Ticket Fields

    Smarter Ticket Interface

    Each custom ticket field can be marked as active or inactive indicating whether or not it should be shown in the interface. Along with this, we have also hidden any unused fields (Severity, Component, and Version) from the ticket interface to remove unnecessary clutter. This means, for example, that if you have no Components defined for a project, the “Components” field will not be displayed for tickets in that project.

    Custom Ticket Fields

    Unfuddle API Integration

    As with all other aspects of your Unfuddle account, custom ticket fields can be modified via the Unfuddle API allowing for even more flexible integration with outside tools.

    As always, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share comments and feedback. We are excited to be working on a number of additional enhancements and additions for release in the near future.

  • Some Time Tracking Updates

    For those of you who have time tracking enabled on your projects, we have just rolled out a number of changes to time tracking.

    Powerful Commit Messages

    We have added a few time tracking related actions to our Powerful Commit Messages. It is now possible to specify how many hours you have spent on a ticket using the following syntax:

      > svn commit -m 'spent 5.5 hours on #498'
      > svn commit -m 'resolved #47 spending 2:45 on #47'
      > git commit -am 'worked 3 hours on #99'

    The keywords that will trigger the creation of a time entry are: spend, spent, spending, invest, invested, investing, work, worked, working.

    Please note that the ticket number must always be specified in association with one of the above keywords and they must always be separated by either the word "on" or "hours on" (i.e. "5:30 on #43" or "5.5 hours on #43").

    Time Entry on Ticket Resolution

    When resolving a ticket, it is often necessary to create a time entry representing the work you put in to close the ticket. Previously, this was a 2-step process. Now, you can simply specify the amount of time spent resolving a ticket right from the ticket resolution form.

    Time Entry on Ticket Resolution

    Additionally, as you may have noticed from above, it is now possible to use a more natural ":" separated notation everywhere you enter hours. For instance, instead of having to write 10 minutes as "0.1666", it is now possible to simply write "0:10".

  • Unfuddle Connectivity Issues

    Starting at about 7:45am PDT today, a number of our customers began reporting connectivity issues with their Unfuddle accounts. The connectivity issues seem to only be affecting a small subset of Unfuddle accounts.

    According to Amazon, the problem is currently global to Amazon EC2 and has been isolated to a “problematic transit route leading into the US-EAST-1 region”. Amazon is currently working with major service providers to reroute traffic and resolve this issues.

    For more information about the progress of resolving the issue, please stay tuned by visiting: https://status.aws.amazon.com

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your team.

    UPDATE (3:02pm PDT):

    Amazon indicates that they believe that all identified connectivity issues have been resolved. Please let us know at Unfuddle support if you continue to have any trouble accessing your Unfuddle account.